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The Dwarf, the Giant and the Princess


"In a little house at the edge of the forest lived a dwarf, all alone."  Thus begins an English folktale which appeared in 1943 in the weekly' Davar Leyeladim' newspaper. Nahum Gutman drew two illustrations for this story, and this is what inspired this exhibition.   

The story has a happy end, and the dwarf and the princess live happily ever after.

Dwarfs and giants are imaginary creatures. They enable us to recognize our big and small sides and understand that not always what seems small is weak and vice versa - not everything big is necessarily strong.

In his later years, Nahum Gutman talked about meeting a mysterious dwarf while walking along the street with his wife, Dora, and the poetess Anda Amir. Nahum Gutman quoted the dwarf's three rules for a good life; the most important of which is that fate is not always right and so one does not have to take it into consideration. Each and every one of us has the power to shape our destiny. The other rules you can find in the exhibition.

And the princess? There are princesses in fairy tales and there are princesses in reality. In fairy tales, the princess reflects ideas that today might sound old-fashioned, even though this character continues to spark our imagination. Princesses in modern-day stories do not always want to live like in the fairytales. Sometimes they want to live like us – ordinary girls and boys, free of all the burdensome rules of behavior and the predetermined royal fate.

In this exhibition you will find dwarfs, giants and princesses. We invite you, girls and boys, and grown-ups too, to come inside and join the adventure. 



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