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Past Exhibitions

Luminol- Ada Ovadia

Ada Ovadia's paintings unfold a world of nightmarish adventures in which people, animals, and objects activate one another in closed ecosystems of anger, rage, anxiety, and healing. 

Secular Judaism

The exhibition displays works of art that clearly demonstrate the influence of the spirit of Jewish renewal and Jewish studies in pluralist organizations and Batei Midrash around the country

"King, vagabond and painter do as they please"

The exhibition traces Nahum Gutman's Tel Aviv steps, familiar to all those who grew up with his books, paintings and illustrations. "King, vagabond and painter do as they please", said the teacher to young Gutman, who listened to him and painted Tel Aviv from his memory, combining truth and fiction. We invite you to travel through Gutman's world, a world of memories, thoughts, feelings and love of place and fellowman, seeing, through his eyes, what he chose to remember and show to others


The exhibition and the book Effervescence - Housing, Language,  History  - A New Generation in Jewish-Arab Cities - are the first to focus on the Palestinian voice of Israel's bi-national cities. The project gives expression, for the first time, to the significant and dynamic activity in the cities
11.04.13 - 17.08.13

Ora Eitan - Illustrator

Ora Eitan believes that illustration derives from the essence of the reading experience. In addition to the plot, she pays acute attention to the finer points of writing: the text's structure, pacing, sound and tones.
31.9.12 - 15.7.12
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