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Past Exhibitions

If there are eyes - there is painting

. "If there are eyes-there is painting" he said, a sentence that can mean a number of things: since everyone has eyes, it is not something too serious, on the other hand, one must know how to use them. For Zaritsky the artistic creation is a language with a beginning, middle and end, a syntax whose parts and rules must be learned: line, stain, clarity, light and shadow, flat, deep, hand-eye, rinse, internal essence, impression, structure, matter, shallow depth, abstraction
22.11.13 - 15.2.13

The Third Eye /Jacque Katmor is Wishing you a Good Death

Jacques Yaacov Mori Katmor. This is a journey amongst cultures, identities and times. A journey  from Cairo to Europe, from Tel Aviv to Amsterdam and further back.  A journey comprised of fragmented lines between the Mediterranean and Europe.
31.9.12 - 15.7.12

THE QUIET IN THE LAND - Art, Spirituality and Every Day Life in Luang Prabang, Laos

The Quiet in the Land is a crossing borders, countries and cultures art project, founded in 1995 by the American curator and art historian France Morin. The project initiates, invites and allows contemporary artists a long and thorough acquaintance of cultures and communities around the world.
31.9.12 - 15.7.12

What is interpreting tradition? Bezalel MFA at the Nahum Gutman Museum

The Nahum Gutman Museum of Art, in collaboration with the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, invited first-year MFA students to respond to Nahum Gutman’s paintings, as part of a joint project - “What is interpreting tradition.” Sixteen students responded to the invitation.  
31.9.12 - 15.7.12

"On the Edge" - Ruti Helvitz Cohen and Yehoshua Sobol.

The exhibition is the outcome of the collaboration between artist Ruti Helvitz Cohen and playwrite Yehoshua Sobol, published in the book:"A Hair at the Scene of the Crime".    
31.9.12 - 15.7.12
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