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Education department

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The content of Nachum Gutman's work and his special place in the history of art and Israeli culture allows us to introduce to students and visitors the world of painting, the language of illustration, the early days of Tel - Aviv, writing and literature, sculpture and mosaic, Jewish culture and Arab culture and create a dialogue between generations regarding to contemporary culture and current events.


We believe that the museum space, with the abundance and richnes that's inherent in it, open to visitors, especially young ones, many learning opportunities. Our museum tours are based on experiential observation through talk, play and on practical experience. We seek to inspire in students and visitors a wide range of reactions of interest, criticism, excitement, pleasure etc. Our goal is to create for them a patient and condensed meeting, generated from genuine curiosity and attention.


We invite you to participate in the museum activities and ensure you learning and enriching experience.


Hope to see you among our visitors,


Education Department staff



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