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Friends of the Museum

Establishers :
Tel Aviv municipality and the association in the name of the artist and author Nachum Gutman (today Gutman Museum of Art )

Cooperation with The International Bank

And with the assistance of Irene and Murray Pergament, in memory of their daughter, Sherry F. Padlock
Rich Foundation ( Doron ) Education, Culture and Welfare
First Founders :
Hemi Gutman and Ruth
Hamburger Evron & Co.
Israel Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd.
Vered Zehava and Yehezkel (Hezi)
Attorney Shuki Lesher
Ms. Rina Meyir - Israeli Association for Human Rights
Mutual Golconda - Mr. Ronnie Forer in memory of the late Tova Fuhrer
Mr. David y. Azrieli - Azrieli Group
Mr. Kedem Simon ( chapati )
Alona and Ron Kleiman
Teddy Kenny - Eastronics , in memory of the late Verda
(300,000 NIS and above) :
Doris and Mori Arkin
Ruth and Hemi Gutman
Israeli Association for human rights - Rina Meyir
Aloni Hetz Properties Ltd.
(150000-299999 NIS) :
Discount Bank Ltd.
Dina Recanati - New York
Bank Hapoalim Ltd.
Guy finance company - Iris and Igal Guzman late
Hachmi Joseph
Rich Foundation
Council for Culture and Art of Mifal HaPayis
(100000-149999 NIS) :
Uzi Zucker and Rebecca Saker
Eastronics Ltd.
British Friends of the Art Museums of Israel - BFAMI
Bought Investments Ltd - Azrieli Group
Dubi Shiff
(50000-99999 NIS) :
Leumi Bank Ltd.
Tammy Rudich
Ziv Haft . B.D.O accountants
Jarndice Foundation Zurich
Yael and Rami Ungar - Telcar Ltd.
Ofer Brothers Investments
The M.A.H Foundation - Harel Insurance Company
Bram group
(25 000 -49 999 NIS) :
I.D.B Development Company Ltd.
Menorah Insurance Co. Ltd.
Nahum Feinberg Co.
Keter Plastics Ltd.
Leader Investments Ltd.
Molly Litvak
Insurer Shamir Holdings Ltd.
Udi Angel
Kesselman and Kesselman attorney
Sagi Lizika and Ami
Union Bank
Dan Hotels
SFK Group
Feige and Robin Zimmerman
Smith Richardson Foundation
Henry Zimend Anda ' Spirit
Efrat and Kirshenberg families in memory of their loved ones :
Henry Kirshenberg late 1891-1963
Jesse Kirsnbberg late 1944-1998
David and Joanna Gutmann
Steinitz , Haring, Gurman & Co. Advocates
Keter Books Ltd.
Kesher Rent Car Ltd. - representatives of Hertz in Israel


Board of Directors:


Chairman of the Board of Directors:

Dr. Zipi Landau

Members of the Board of Directors:


Ruth Gutman
Iris Guzman

Ronald Fuhrer

Miri Ben Moshe
Giora Gutman
Yael Borovich
Irama Michaeli
Orly Ashkenazi
Dalit Gat
Gili Groner

Honorary Member:


Prof. Hemi Gutman


Member of the Audit Comittee:

CPA Zamir Sofer
David Eytan 



Adv. Nachum Feinberg

Gutman Museum of Art is supported by the Tel Aviv-Yafo  logotelaviv
And Culture Directorate of the Ministry of Culture and Sports   tarbut sport big


Informatics and collection Database :
Dan Hotels Ltd - Mr. Michael Federman
Eastronics Ltd - Teddy and Mickey Kenny
Mr. Yoni Salzman


Animation in the room of "Davar Le Yeladim":

Eastronics Ltd.

Traveling exhibition:

Mr. Yoni Salzman

Traveling exhibition in blue : Rich Foundation for Education, Culture and Welfare

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