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Books and catalog by Nahum Gutman

Nahum Gutman – Jubilee exhibition catalog.
Tel – Aviv Museum of Art, Helena Rubinstein Pavilion, 1969
Curator: Haim Gamzo.

Figurines – Nahum Gutman
Ceramics Museum, Kiryat Haaretz Museum, Tel – Aviv, 1973.

Nachum Gutman
Tel – Aviv Museum of Art, 1984.

Curators: Marc Scheps, Edna Moshenson. Catalog editing- Edna Moshenson.

Nahum Gutman – early days – a work of art and its reconstruction
Israel Fairs Center Ltd. and the Israel Convention Center, Tel – Aviv 1987, curator Doron Lurie.

Nahum Gutman – a secret grove.
Solo Exhibition – Drawings.Reuven Rubin’s house, Tel – Aviv. In 1991.
Curator: Yoav Dagon.

The Israeli illustration style, Nahum Gutman.
Solo exhibition, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Youth Wing.
1991 Curator: Ayala Gordon.

Nahum Gutman – Nahum Gutman Museum.
Gutman Museum, Tel – Aviv 1998. Curator: Yoav Dagon.

Nahum Gutman of Tel – Aviv  and Tel – Aviv of

Nahum Gutman.
Gutman Museum, Tel – Aviv, 1999. Curator: Yoav Dagon.

Gutman at – Gutman’s paintings in private collections (exhibition marking 25 years of the death of Nahum Gutman)
Gutman Museum, Tel – Aviv, 2006. Curator: Tali Tamir.

Fountain – Nahum Gutman, Bialik square mosaic designs

Nachum Gutman Museum, Tel – Aviv, 2006. Curator: Tali Tamir.

Masterpieces of Gutman Israel Phoenix Collection

Gutman Museum, Tel – Aviv, 2003. Curator: Yoav Dagon.

Nachum Gutman visits the provinces of evil

Gutman Museum, Tel – Aviv, 2000. Curator: Yoav Dagon.

Research works about Nahum Gutman

Menachem Regev –  The watchfull eye of Nathum Gutman,  Bulletin of Biology Teachers, 1994.

Benny Meir – With a watchfull eye on the ‘watchful eye of Nahum Gutman’, Bulletin of Biology Teachers, 1995.

Shirley Pressburger Shai Gal – ‘Nachum Gutman – Designer of the image of Tel Aviv’


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