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Nahum Gutman – permanent exhibition

The Nahum Gutman Museum collection, a part of which is on view here, was donated by the artist’s family to shed light on Gutman’s diversity and to acquaint the public with his work. Gutman was a founder of Hebrew art in Israel, a painter, illustrator, sculptor and writer for children.

Gutman was born in 1898 in Telenesti, Bessarabia (now Moldova). He immigrated to Israel with his parents and siblings at the age of 7, and they were among the 66 founding families of Tel Aviv. As a child, Gutman followed the establishment of the city, documenting his memories from its early days in works of art. Concurrently, he depicted Arab Jaffa, its inhabitans, and surrounding orchards. His works provide a glimpse into the lives of these two populations living on either side of the Jaffa-Tel Aviv road.

Curator: Monica Lavi


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21 Shimon Rokach St., Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv-Jaffa

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21 Shimon Rokach St., Tel Aviv-Jaffa